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A touch of Europe, embodied into a product of distinction, crafted with a passion for excellence...

Since its inception, Cornici Creations has been one of the few companies that have been recognised for their special skills in reaching high standards in historical restorations. Over the years, Cornici’s craftsmen have come to use these skills in the design and the manufacturing of architectural ornaments for residential and commercial markets.

Founded by Mr. Luciano Predan, Cornici constantly seeks to achieve a level of Customer satisfaction that is equal in measure to the craftsmanship it applies to the design and production of works that are visually engaging, refined and truly distinctive. Assisted by his son Dino, Mr. Predan has, over the last decade, created and perfected Piertex precast (reconstituted stone), an innovative composite material that offers permanence, strength and a remarkable degree of malleability.

  • Our goal: To assist you in creating an environment of elegance, distinction and refinement.
  • Our mission: To pursue excellence in the development of visually engaging ornamental and decorative products and to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Our collection: Includes fireplace mantels and ornamental plaster such as columns, capitals, cornices, ceiling centers, etc.